5 Healthy Food Rich in Protein (for Your Body Metabolism)

Well, our body needs protein. As we know, protein is an important macronutrient essential for human’s body because it helps the body to build muscle mass. Where can you get that? You get it through eating food rich in protein.

The following part of the article will then enlighten you as to which foods are considered to be rich in protein and good for your body. Four varieties of food are listed.
Swiss Cheese

Without a doubt, this particular type of cheese would make in on to this list of high protein foods. As one of the dairy products, it is said that Swiss cheese provides extra protein more than the other common varieties of cheese.

It is not like the cheese contains a lot of fat. If you are worried about that, there is always a low-fat variety of Swiss cheese that you can opt to enjoy.

The Beef Meats

ground beef

It is not a secret that meat type of foods can definitely fulfill your daily dosage of protein. Now what kind of beef meat you can try?

  • Corned beef

The protein contained within a corned beef is incredibly high-quality. Imagine the fact that this is only an addition to its taste which is extremely yummy.

  • Ground beef

Not only that this one food rich in protein but it also provides you with the right amount of creatine. A combination of protein and creatine in one food, obviously recommended for your muscle.

Egg as Simple Option

If you ask which food is the most excellent source of protein, then eggs are the answer. It is not that other food on the list is bad or somewhat have lesser quality than eggs, it is just that eggs is the most perfect option out of others.

It is cheap, a fact. It is versatile due to the various ways of how to cook it, a fact. It is rich in nutrition. Well, not a secret that eggs also contain omega-3 aside from protein.

The Variety of Seafood

Indeed, the majority of seafood all contains protein within them. However, some of you may wonder, which of them that has the highest percentage?

  • Yellow fin tuna

This particular tuna is claimed to have the highest protein out of all. There will be approximately twenty-five grams protein within three ounces serving. It is a great choice to fulfill your nutrition need.

  • Anchovies

Right after Yellow fin tuna, anchovies become the second seafood containing high-protein. It is about twenty-four grams of protein per three ounces of serving.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Though it is not as common as the other, this peanut butter is good for you who are looking for more protein intake. There will be a total of eight grams of protein per two tablespoons of serving.

As one food rich in protein, this peanut butter is just perfect for you who want to keep your weight in a good shape. Why? It’s because it may contain less fat while maintaining the same amount of protein.

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