5 Interesting Bathroom Decor Ideas (the Cheap and Simple)

There are various simple bathroom decor ideas that can be done when you are bored with the look of your bathroom. Because of its simplicity, the design of this decoration also doesn’t take much cost and time.

Most of these decorating ideas involve small components, such as lighting arrangements and furniture placement. According to research, changes in these sectors are able to provide significant modification in bathroom.

Bathroom Art

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Who says that the bathroom cannot be used as an art exhibition? Precisely by putting art ornaments, you can add aesthetic value from your bathroom. Laying it cannot be arbitrary; you must determine which part feels empty on your wall.

The type of painting itself is up to you, but make sure that the painting is framed to protect it from water splashes. Avoid large landscape paintings, because it will steal the attention of your bathroom. Pick a lot smaller paintings with less crowded color.

Lighting Placement

It is the key ingredients in bathroom decor ideas. Lighting placement can set the identity of your bathroom as light or dark. For light use, invest in some small-sized LED lights to save space and avoid the heat.

The lighting settings can be aligned with your bathroom tiles settings. If the tiles are mostly dark, use dimmed lights with the number of 2-3 pieces. But if bathroom tiles shades of light, you can use 1-2 white lights only with sufficient distance.

Exceptions to the mirror and wardrobe area, you can use the additional light on the side to provide extra light. For the wardrobe, the lamp should be placed on the inside to more effectively illuminate the wardrobe interior.

Storage Effectively

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This decoration is very suitable to be categorized for small bathroom ideas. Most people leave the top of bathroom empty. You can use this space for wall-mounted cabinet or shelf to store clothes or a spare towel.

To maximize storage, sliding drawers are more effective than ordinary cabinets. Surely, you must separate this storage room with main bathroom to avoid splashes of water.

Additional Accessories

To beautify the room, you can put various accessories and ornaments nuanced bathroom suitable for you. The accessories can be:

  • Aromatherapy candles

They can be used if you want to take a relaxing bath to release stress and tired.

  • Flower-in-a-pot

To liven up your bathroom, add several ecosystems in it.

  • Air humidifier

It is to keep your bathroom moisture condition because nobody wants to use the stuffy bathroom.

Garment Customization

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Change the feel of bathroom by changing the type or style of fabric, whether it will be a towel, mat, or shower curtain. You need to pay attention to the color composition of the corresponding textiles.

White and gray is the most recommended color to accompany your bathroom. Especially for a shower curtain, use shower curtain with an interesting patterned look, so it can be matched with the overall theme of bathroom.

Those five cheap and simple bathroom decor ideas you can apply to your bathroom right now. By replacing a series of components above, your bathroom will not feel the same again as before.

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